Friday, April 3, 2020

Team Development with the MBTI

High performing teams thrive on accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration.  They are led by skilled managers and leaders who know how to motivate, inspire, and guide their people to success.

In this workshop, you will learn to improve communication, manage team conflict, gain an appreciation of differences, and maximise team member personality strengths using the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

The MBTI® instrument will be administered online prior to the workshop, and individual profiles distributed and  reviewed during the MBTI® workshop.

This interactive workshop should be attended by:

  • Managers and team members who want to develop self awareness, competencies, tools, and techniques to enhance individual and team performance.

The workshop will:

  • Outline characteristics of a high performance team
  • Explore how teams form and  work together over time
  • Use type to develop awareness of communication styles
  • Apply MBTI® preferences to team work
  • Develop strategies to manage team type imbalances
  • Capitalise on the individual skills and communication style of
    each team member
  • Help teams solve problems and make decisions

At the end of the session, team members should:

  • Have gained insight into their personality preferences
  • Expanded their understanding of themselves and others (including work styles, communication styles and problem solving approach)
  • Developed strategies to improve interpersonal communication, and team work
  • Developed action plan for maximizing individual strengths
  • Increased their knowledge of managing potential conflict situations


Contact Linda NOW to discuss tailoring a workshop for your team


About the Myers Briggs Type Indicator:

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most widely used, researched and developed personality type indicator. It is taken by over two million people worldwide every year. 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Jung’s theory of psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life.

The results provide insights into how each person takes in information and gives it meaning, makes decisions, judgments and takes action, where we draw our source of personal energy and how we prefer to interact with the outer world.

It describes the valuable differences between everyday people, and helps you to identify your unique strengths and gifts.  This information can be used to better understand yourself and others, including motivations, strengths and potential areas of growth.

The information it provides can be used in areas including communication patterns, decision making, conflict resolution, team building, career development, time and stress management, customer relations and change management.

“Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of
type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments
sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire”.
Isobel Briggs -Myers

Contact Linda NOW to discuss tailoring a workshop for your team


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