Saturday, April 4, 2020

Klein Group Instrument

Create outstanding results through your high performance team

In-house workshops tailored to your team.

If you’re seeking to take your leadership and team performance to the next level, an in-house workshop is a must!

The new Klein Group Instrument

The Klein Group Instrument for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams is unique.  This is the only single assessment tool that measures the four essential dimensions of leadership and team skills (leadership, negotiation orientation, task focus, and interpersonal focus).  Profiles can be completed online, with rapid payback.

Three decades of practice, research and analysis have culminated in this powerful tool for making teamwork really work.  The KGI works with both individuals and groups where each member participates.  The individual and group profiles deliver far more than behavioural assessment – both include graphs that report results, statements about what you do well, action items for areas of improvement, and skill development suggestions to address any missing pieces critical to maximizing team performance. 

The KGI has a measurable return on investment.

What are the benefits of the Klein Group Instrument?

Strengthening individual leadership and group skills help:

  • Senior staff and team members achieve a greater understanding of their individual styles
  • Managers turn around the performance of their team
  • Team members enhance their performance and contribute to team morale
  • Managers glean appreciation for both task and people focussed skills
  • Identify training needs and coordinate mentoring opportunities to balance group skills
  • Recognise and resolve sources of conflict
  • Build trust and fairness by balancing opportunity and accountability


Contact Linda now to discuss how the Klein Group Instrument will propel the performance of your team.


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