Friday, April 3, 2020

Leadership & Team Development Training

Get the Edge on Your COMPETITION With Leadership & Team Development Training 

Empower Your Team to do Their Job,
so You can Focus on Yours!

When an athlete triumphs as they cross the finish line first, ahead of their competition-we know they did not achieve their Victory in isolation. The same can be said for your business. Many factors need to come together to win out over your competition. Strong leadership, Team effort and a co-ordinated business plan.

It has been proven that over 75% of a company’s value is tied up in its human capital. Unlike equipment and inventory, the quality of your employees can appreciate in value with time but only given the correct skills and training opportunities. So you know it makes sense to invest in leadership skills and team development, for enhanced team performance leads to greater profits. Businesses can boom or bust on the strength of their team and the leader that supports them, so building a stable foundation of Skilled leadership and a strong team or sales force will see your business edge-out the competition and have you poised to get to the finish line first.

Linda Rowley at IMAGO Life by Design, offers a suite of products including specialised workshops, coaching and facilitation to meet your individual and team development needs. Linda has spent the last seven years researching tools and strategies to improve leadership and team performance. Linda is qualified in a range of tools for getting powerful results, backed by years of research including:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Mayer- Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Klein Group Instrument

In this age, as regional and even continental barriers disappear for both a company’s workforce and its market, superior interpersonal communication and teamwork is essential. Your business and profits can sink or swim on the strength of your team. Invest in them and you’re investing in your business future.

Who will benefit from Leadership and Team Development Training?

GreenBullet Leaders and Managers                     GreenBullet Virtual teams
GreenBullet Work teams                                          GreenBullet Boards
GreenBullet Project teams                                      GreenBullet Committee of Management

The response for Leadership and Team Development has been phenomenal.  Here is what one person recently said about Linda’s training:

“Thanks Linda for a fantastic workshop! The whole team was very enthusiastic following the MBTI results and gained a greater appreciation for the similarities and differences in working together. The negotiation skills workshop also gave us some great tools for difficult conversations. I was extremely impressed with your delivery and would recommend you to others”.  Wendy Cox – Human Resources Manager

 The process of team development often takes a back seat to measuring the performance of a team – even though the team’s dynamics determine how well performance goals are met.  If your team is spending more time focussing on negative dynamics, or conflict is crippling your outcomes, Leadership & Team Development can turn around your team performance.

Leadership & Team Development training can help if your business needs to:

yesAchieve Personal and Corporate Excellence
yesImprove Leadership Skills
yesImprove Team Communication, Morale and Engagement
yesReduce Conflict
yesDevelop Clear Strategies to Improve Group Processes and Productivity
yesReduce Stress Levels
yesBoost Emotional Intelligence
yesIdentify Leadership Potential
yesUncover Areas that Need Improvement
yesEnhance Problem Solving Skills
yesRetain Quality Staff

Leadership and Team Development Workshops

Go to  Leadership Development with Emotional Intelligence

Go to  Team Development with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Go to  Creating high performing teams with the Klein Group Instrument

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