Thursday, November 14, 2019

Communication Skills

Too Nice For Your Own Good?

Self-Assertive Communication Skills for Positive Change Workshop

How to stop yourself from saying “Yes” when you really mean “No”, keep the friendship and walk away with confidence.
Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive Communication Skills

Do you find yourself nodding along and saying “yes” to calls for help from friends and family, when you really want to say “no” and then stew on it afterwards?

Saying “yes” can seem easier at the time, however it can be harder in the long run, especially if following through on the request means it comes at a cost to you, or you miss out on time with your family, or valuable “me” time.

Saying “No” nicely (and without feeling guilty) doesn’t always come easily. Like many women, you genuinely want to help others out and be there for them when you can.

However there are times when the best thing you can do is say “no” to requests from others, especially when you don’t have the time, energy, or money or it will have a negative impact on you.

Being assertive, saying “no” when you need to while respecting others is a skill that can be learnt and practised. Once mastered it can make a positive difference in all areas of your life.

Too Nice for Your Own Good? Self Assertive Communication Skills for Positive Change is a powerful communication workshop designed specifically for women like you.

This half day workshop will assist you develop tools to say “no” whilst maintaining positive relationships and feeling good about yourself.  Saying “no’ when you need to means that you have more time to say ‘yes’ to the things that you genuinely want to commit to.

Get ready to be engaged, inspired, and motivated as you learn assertive communication tips and tactics to feel confident in communicating assertively.

You’ll leave this exciting event armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more assertive, more effective and confident woman.

This workshop explores:

Self Empowerment
Strategies for reclaiming personal power and effectiveness, being an “active agent” and focussing on what you do want.

Why we tend to say “Yes” when we really mean “No”
Previous experiences, background, habit, and the desire to please are all contributors to current behaviour.  Increasing self awareness on why we say “yes” when we really mean “no” can lead to positive action steps on what you can do to turn it around.

Identifying and maintaining boundaries
Tools for identifying your boundaries – the limits of your resources (time, money and energy). Identify optimal levels of what you can reasonably give, making sure that you have what you need to feel happy and resourceful.

Assertiveness – what is it exactly?
Explore what assertive communication is and isn’t.  Discuss and distinguish assertiveness from aggressiveness and being submissive.  It is not about being pushy or a pushover.

Listening with your eyes
What cues body language gives away, and how to use it positively.  We look at the aspects of communication (not just words) and their impact on creating a powerful presence.

Instant rapport
Developing trust and connection with others on a deep level, so that you can communicate with ease.

Assertive language
Learn assertive language structure and guidelines for communicating in a way that makes your needs known and respects the other person.  When to use assertive language, and how to start being more assertive, especially in situations where others are used to getting their own way are all discussed.

The workshop is interactive and provides powerful case scenarios and practical exercises, and an armful of scripts, practical tips and techniques to take away and apply with confidence.  A workbook is provided.

Imagine being able to assertively say what you mean, confidently say ‘no’ when you need to and walk away with a clear mind.

Here’s what past participants have said this about the workshop:

“A very positive workshop”
“Very informative and fun…thank you”
“Thank you Linda, you do make a difference”
“…able to use the information and skills learned at work and home.”

Say “yes” to this workshop and invest in yourself.  Register Now
$195 for this powerful 3.5 hour workshop.

Date  :  To be advised
Location :  Traralgon, Victoria


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