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Assertiveness Training

Stepping It Up Assertiveness Training

You can stay assertive and still stay nice.

Do you want to build on your assertiveness skills and take your communication to the next level?

This half day workshop is for women who have attended the Too Nice for Your Own Good? Self-Assertive Communication Skills for Positive Change (or similar) workshop and have been practicing their skills.

If you still struggle at times with saying “yes” to calls for help from friends and family, when you really want to say “no,” or you replay conversations in your head (thinking of all the things you wished you said)  long after you have said goodbye – this workshop is for you.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training

Providing the next step to refresh and ramp up your assertive communication skills so that you can confidently state what you want while respecting the needs of the person you are communicating with.

This workshop will add to your arsenal of tools and introduce additional techniques to enable you to craft your communication toward your desired outcomes.

Get ready to be energised, motivated, and inspired as you build on your assertive communication tips and tactics to confidently communicate at all levels.

You’ll leave this exciting event armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more effective and composed communicator in work and life. 

This powerful half day workshop will: 

Review self assertive skills and strategies
What are your current skills and strategies?  In what situations do you communicate well and with confidence?

Bridge the gaps
What does communicating with confidence and ease look life for you?  We will explore how you can utilise your strengths and add to your strategies to develop solutions to suit a range of situations.

Delve into the thick of it
Identify techniques for increasing assertiveness and maintaining boundaries.

Explore getting to “yes”
Helpful communication styles for assertiveness, and when to apply them.

Troubleshoot sticky situations
Devise strategies for those awkward moments.

What to say when you are put on the spot  
Suggested scripts to buy yourself time to respond in a considered way.

The workshop is interactive and provides fun case scenarios and practical exercises, and an armful of scripts, practical tips and techniques to take away and apply with confidence.  A workbook is provided.

Imagine being able to confidently communicate, nurture your relationships feel secure in your interactions, and end the conversation with ease (and a clear mind).

What past participants say about the training:

“Fantastic presentation… look forward to future learning”
“Very good…interesting”
“The material is relevant to home / personal / work…”
“The session was relaxed and easy to discuss…”

To take your communication to the next level, register now. $195.

Date :  September 2010
Location :  Traralgon, Victoria, 3844, Australia
Time :  1pm – 4.30pm


OR click here for package deals for multiple communication workshops

Note : Please click on the “Return To Linda Rowley” button in Paypal after payment has been made, to complete your registration.

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