Friday, April 3, 2020


Would you like to create a workplace culture where people thrive and everyone is empowered to achieve their best?

Creating mentally healthy workplaces benefits all stakeholders, and with one in five Australians experiencing mental illness every year, creating mentally health workplaces for all  is one of the most important issues businesses face today.

As discovered by Pricewaterhouse Cooper, for every $1 businesses invest on mental health initiatives, there’s a return of $2.30. A positive workplace environment not only ensures businesses achieve greater profitability, but can also enhance productivity, wellbeing and client outcomes.

When workers believe their workplace supports them to thrive, they’re more likely to be more creative, productive and provide better customer satisfaction than individuals with poor standards of wellbeing at work.

Linda Rowley Consulting delivers a range of evidence-informed interventions and workshops dedicated to making workplaces well places. Because we realise that reaching core business deliverables is much easier in thriving workplaces.

See below an outline of the workshops currently available that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Please contact Linda for a quote today.

Mental Health First Aid

Despite the prevalence of mental health problems, many people feel out of their depth and unsure how to offer assistance when it comes to mental health. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) teaches people the skills to help someone who they’re concerned about. LRC provides the following MHFA courses:

Foundations of facilitation

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. Step back and I will act.”Would you like to increase your confidence and skills as a trainer or facilitator to ensure your message truly gets through? In this workshop you will learn how to give effective presentations and facilitate group discussions that will enhance staff learning and engagement. This workshop covers:

  • Roles & responsibilities of facilitators / trainers / presenters
  • Tips for boosting confidence
  • Setting the scene for engagement
  • Creating psychosocial safety (brain friendly strategies to increase engagement)
  • Strategies to facilitate working groups, meetings and training sessions
  • Effective chairing of meetings
  • Presenting information in diverse ways to enhance engagement
  • How to work with difficult behaviours to ensure that all feel included

Workplace change at the frontline

Developed specifically for not for profit /for purpose organisations who are undergoing change, this workshop provides frontline managers with low cost, time effective tips and strategies on how to facilitate the people side of change. Based on wellbeing science / positive psychology and neuroscience principles, this practical hands on workshop equips you with strategies you can instantly apply to your team. Learn how to:

  • Identify the “why” behind changes required by your organisation
  • Enhance psychological safety during the change process
  • Apply tools and strategies to reduce stress and engage staff in change
  • Recognise common responses to change and implement strategies to overcome resistance

Creating strong teams

This workshop promotes team collaboration, wellbeing and productivity by identifying individual and team strengths and developing an action plan for working together effectively and harmoniously. Team members complete an individual Strengths Profile prior to the workshop to give insights and awareness to the individual strengths they bring to the team. At the workshop, individual strengths are reviewed and opportunities for collaboration are identified. It covers:

  • The strengths approach
  • The Strengths Profile – what it measures, how it can be used
  • Interpreting the Strengths Profile – what does it all mean?
  • Realised strengths and how to focus on them
  • Unrealised strengths
  • Learned behaviours
  • Weakness
  • Individual contributions
  • Creating a stronger team by leveraging individual’s strengths
  • Action plan for a stronger team

Personal effectiveness for wellbeing and productivity at work

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your workload or wondered if there could be a better way of working, this workshop could be for you. Taking insights from neuroscience and wellbeing science, this workshop covers how to work better to get things done with less stress and in a way that enhances your wellbeing.

Creating a well workplace

Does your workplace focus on physical health and safety at work, but falls short when it comes to engaging in activities, education and discussion surrounding creating a mentally healthy workplace? If you want to build a positive, supportive and thriving workplace where everyone has the opportunity to be their best, this workshop may be for you. In this workshop we cover:

  • What are mentally health workplaces and what are the benefits?
  • Defining wellbeing in your workplace
  • Factors that decrease workplace wellbeing
  • Developing a positive work environment – leadership
  • Strategies
  • Supports
  • Managing under performance

To book a workshop, or discuss your individual needs please contact Linda on 0427 760 637 or email

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