Monday, January 27, 2020

Cancer Support

Cancer Support

Cancer support is critical to assist people through their cancer journey.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, you may benefit from the FREE resources available on the ThinkAboutYourLife website to provide cancer support.

The ThinkAboutYourLife website has a range of practical resources to support you at every stage of your cancer journey from discovery, diagnosis, treatment, through to life after cancer.

As a cancer survivor, the resources helped me by providing a way for me to talk to my doctor and treating team and give them a way to “see” me as a person (not just another cancer patient).  This was important to me.  I gave the One Page Profile I completed to my specialists so they could see my history, likes and dislikes and what was important to me.

The Communication Chart was really usefull in finding ways to communicate the sensitive things to people around me, without worrying about offending them.  

The Good Day/ Bad Day chart helped me figure out what things I needed in my day for me to have a “good day” and the things to avoid so as not to have too many “bad days” especially when I was having treatment for cancer.

The “Hopes and Fears” tool helped me to clarify my hopes for the future, and to “name” my fears (this helped reduce my anxiety about what “might” happen).

You can log on to the ThinkAboutYourLife website and try the tools for yourself, to help you through your journey and provide cancer support.    

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