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Workplace Wellness & Person Centred Approaches

March 4, 2011 by Linda  
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“Workplace wellness” has become a buzz word in recent times, earning a significant injection of state and federal dollars.  A plethora of health and wellbeing consultants have hung out their shingle, and The Health and Productivity Institute of Australia has recently released its Guidelines for Best Practice in corporate wellness.  Read more… 
It has become a [...]

Achieve your goals in 2010

December 29, 2009 by Linda  
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Want to make sure your new year’s resolutions don’t fizzle out with the firecrackers on New Years Eve?
 Have you ever approached the new year with a head full of all the great things you would like to achieve for the coming year, full of unbridled enthusiasm, resolute in your determination to achieve your goals for the [...]

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December 6, 2009 by Linda  
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